What countries can I do this from?

You can setup and operate a NutraFunnel from any country as long as you have a laptop, an internet connection, and a phone! You can even operate one entirely in a country with a hot market that you don’t have to live or ever set foot in. (swiss bank account anyone? )

Is the supplement mine?

Yes! You put your very own label and branding on the supplement and its yours forever! You can even have an entire product line of your own supplements! You are in control of your OWN brand – not relying on someone else’s brand and making someone else rich!

Where are the supplements manufactured?

All supplements are manufactured in an FDA/GMP Approved Facility in the good ol USA. We DO NOT advocate the sale of supplements from China.

What are the initial costs of setting up the NutraFunnel?

Very minimal. It depends on you and your budget. We have had students setup their NutraFunnel with less than $100, and students who have set it up with over $1000. It all depends on how much you want to do yourself!

How do we get traffic to our NutraFunnel?

We use affiliates and affiliate networks to get traffic to your NutraFunnel. We DO NOT buy facebook or google ads! Affiliate traffic is almost like free traffic. We call it “order now and pay what you can later” traffic. You only pay for traffic once a sale is made and the money is in your bank account.

What does this program include?

The NutraFunnels Program includes 1 week of step by step training content that covers everything from setting up your business entity to getting traffic from an affiliate network. For the complete list of what’s included – please click here

Do I need product liability insurance?

The short answer to this is No. Most supplement drop-shipping companies will cover you on their own insurance policy because it is actually THEIR product that you are private-labelling and dropshipping. If you have specific questions about this topic we recommend contacting an attorney that can properly advise you.

What if I don’t have a supplement to sell?

No worries! We’ll show you what product to pick and refer you to a manufacturer that will provide the product for you!

I’m not a tech person – Can I do this?

You bet! We’ve created this step by step program so that anybody can learn how to do this quickly and easily without needing a degree in computer stuff!

How long does it take to get everything up and profitable?

This depends entirely on you! The NutraFunnels Program is designed to get you up and profitable in as little as 4 weeks from the day you sign up. We have had students do it quicker, and some who have taken a bit longer. Although everything is on a “work at your own pace” schedule – we recommend sticking to the weekly homework in order to be able to succeed in 4 short weeks.

Do you offer any money back guarantees’?

If you go through all of the training and actually implement each step, and you’re still not happy or profitable then yes – we will offer you a full refund. However – if you are the type of person to login and watch all of the content and drag some images around on a builder without implementing anything – then we will not offer you a refund. So make sure you are committed to seeing this through to the end! For our full money back guarantee policy please go here. Then at the bottom of the page click on terms of service and scroll to the end.