The Best Way to Outsource Traffic

So you’ve started your own website and want to start increasing your traffic so you can generate sales. You could have the best sales funnel out there but without traffic it is pretty much useless. Generating traffic is very time consuming and expensive. You spend a lot of money on Google Ads or Facebook ads and have nothing to show for it. This is why many people have started outsourcing their traffic generating process. It’s significantly cheaper and you get more focused traffic, ie people who want your product and are actually motivated to buy.

This is why many have turned to outsourcing their traffic generating process. This option is still going to cost some money, however it is significantly cheaper than the alternative. Consider this. If you want to keep the marketing and traffic generation process in house and do it yourself you have two options. The first is you do it yourself. The pros to this are obvious, it’s your funnel, you should know it the best, you know your supplement and product and who would want to buy it. The cons to this are you may not be a marketing guru, and might struggle to bring in traffic. This will take up plenty of your time, time that is very likely best spent on other aspects of your business.

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The second option is to hire someone to do this for you. The pros to this idea are you will hire someone who is an expert in this area or has experience generating traffic. They will be able to get traffic through your funnel and you can start making sales. The cons are in order for this person to be successful they need to be working full-time. It is difficult to generate the volume of traffic you would need to be profitable working part-time. That means you need to pay this person a full time wage, and a competitive wage, this is a unique skill set that not everyone has. If you are working in an office you need to find space for this employee, maybe a desk or a laptop for them. In the end it is going to take months to see any sort of profit from this.

This is why people outsource. One of the best ways to outsource traffic is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing saves time and effort. Someone else drives the traffic to your funnel and all you have to do is share a percentage of the sales. In the simplest form is a pay for what you get system. If the affiliate marketer isn’t bringing customers through your funnel, you don’t pay them. If you have paid them a lot then it means you had a lot of traffic and made a significant number of sales. This is risk free, you’re not paying unless you see success. It’s a win win for you and the affiliate marketer.    

The easiest way to get started is to join an already existing affiliate marketing network. There are many of them out there so you need to find the best one that suits your needs. There are plenty of resources out there and reviews of all the networks to help you decide which one is best for you.

Joining an affiliate marketing network will link you with a huge list of affiliate marketers. You don’t need to do a massive search to find the right affiliate marketer; there are plenty available right in front of you. You can trust these people because of their affiliation to the network. There is no risk, as someone wouldn’t be on the network for long if they weren’t doing a good job.

Getting your product up on the affiliate marketing network is easy. They have the tools in place already, it takes little time and effort to set up. This frees up more time for you to focus on more pressing things. These affiliate networks are high activity. By getting your funnel accepted you will get a ton of free marketing.

Once you get going the benefits are substantial. Time is money as they say and you will save a ton of time with this.  

The alternative is if you have your own existing customer base, you can use them to outsource traffic for you. This would require a referral program or something similar where your already existing customers can refer someone else and get a reward. This is a commonly used tactic by big corporations, banks etc. The pros to this are you don’t need to find the new customers, your existing customers already do that for you. It has the potential to scale, one person refers another who refers another and on and on. Again you’re not wasting any money; you only pay when you get those new customers. The cons are this doesn’t really work with a small customer base. You need to have a large base of customers for this to be successful which is why it’s commonly used by big companies. The cost can be a barrier if you don’t have the expertise to set something like this up yourself.     

To conclude, no matter how good your funnel is, it needs traffic to generate sales. Outsourcing that traffic generating process is one of the simplest and cost effective ways to do this. It’s significantly cheaper than hiring a full-time staff member and easier than trying to do it all yourself. Joining an affiliate marketing program can put you in contact with many trusted and reliable affiliate marketers who can direct the right clientele through your sales funnel. It’s a great system as you only pay when you make sales, and the affiliate marketer stays motivated to help you as they don’t get paid unless you make sales.