The Five Benefits of Remote Working that You Need to Know

This new normal we all now face has brought upon us many changes. One of the biggest is many people across the country whether voluntarily or not are working remotely or working from home.

People always like to point out the negatives of this like “I’m too distracted at home,” “I don’t like Zoom meetings,” and on and on. But what people don’t understand is that there are some major benefits to working remotely and I am here to tell you what they are.  

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Here Are the Five Benefits of Remote Working that You NEED to Know

1. Increased Productivity

It’s funny people always have this idea that they won’t get as much done when they work remotely. I need to be in the office, they will say. When in reality the opposite is true.

The traditional offices of corporate America and the environment they create give off a lot of “false positives.” That is you think you’re more productive than you actually are.  

According to Forbes, remote workers are 35-40% more productive than their office counterparts.

Another study, found that 65% of professionals think they would be more productive working remotely and 49% say they head to their home office when they need to buckle down and get work done.

Let’s be honest how much work actually gets done in a typical office? Think about all the time you spend at the water cooler, getting coffee, or how you lose focus when your co-worker talks too loudly on the phone, or someone has fish for lunch. All those little breaks add up and less work gets done.

Working from home you get rid of all those little distractions. Rather than socialize with your co-workers and here yet another one of Karen’s stories, you can socialize with your wife or husband. In the afternoon you can take a little break and be there when your kids get home from school.

Working remotely, you can get rid of distractions. No more office politics, less interruptions and a quieter more productive workspace. 

2. Customizable Work Space

Have you ever looked up the offices at Google and thought about how cool it would be to work there? Some features include massage rooms, libraries, games room which has video games, air hockey, ping pong and even mini putt. They have kitchens everywhere so you can always make food if you get hungry. You can even bring your dog to work.

To some this may seem “childish” or “typical Millennials” but there is a reason Google is one of the biggest and innovative companies in the world.

They promote customizable workspaces. They don’t force employees into cubicles and stress them out having the boss always over their shoulder. They have created a stress free environment and in turn they get the most out of their employees.

Now it’s pretty difficult to replicate the Google work environment but working remotely you can certainly copy a few things Google does.

Hungry? You’re just steps away from the kitchen. You can make yourself some healthy meals and stop with all the fast food.    

Need a break? Spend half an hour playing a video game, or read a book.

Struggling to work inside? Go outside and work on the patio or go to a coffee shop.

Stressed? Take your dog for a walk. You both will enjoy it.

Really stressed? Book a massage. You can’t quite have your own massage room like Google but no one is stopping you from popping out during the day for some relaxation if you need it.

Don’t like your workspace? Change it. Your home office can be anything you want. Get that fancy desk, or that comfortable chair. You want that motivational quote on the wall, or a picture of your favourite sports hero? Go for it.

You can create an environment that works best for you and your needs.

It might not be Google but whatever you do as long it works for you and you can be productive and focused, you will be less stressed, and have a more enjoyable time doing your work.  

3. You’ll have a better work-life balance and therefore a happier life

One of the biggest and most common stressors in the workplace is a lack of time. You rush to meet a deadline, or a co-worker stresses you out because their part isn’t done yet, or stressed because you have to stay late. It’s easy to be stressed at work; you’d be lying if you said you never felt stressed at least once at your job.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce stress is sleeping. Getting a good night sleep and following a regular sleep schedule can significantly reduce anxiety and helps improve concentration, focus and sharpens judgement and decision-making.

Many Americans however don’t get enough sleep and one of the biggest factors why, is the commute to work. The average American commute is 25.5 minutes each way. That’s close to an hour every single day spent in your car stressing out on the road. Wouldn’t you much rather spend that time cuddled up in your nice warm bed?

4. You’ll save a ton of money

And it’s not just the thousands of dollars a year you’ll save on gas. (Which can be between $2,000- $6,500 depending on your commute length)

It’s the money saved on car repairs and going out for lunch. How often do you wake up late in the morning, rush to get ready and forget to pack a lunch or eat breakfast? At the time you don’t think much of it you’ll just go out for lunch or grab a coffee and a muffin on your way into work. But those costs add up especially if you are going out a couple times a week. Not to mention it is typically fast food.

Working remotely you never have to worry about missing breakfast. You can make yourself something healthy and brew your own coffee.

And what about less obvious savings such as not having to buy proper work attire. No need to have five different suits in the closest or 10 different pairs of shoes. Imagine the joy of not having to wear shoes at work.  

Plus property costs. Working remotely means you don’t have to work in the urban hub, you can move someplace where the cost of living is lower.  

5. You can work from literally anywhere

As we were just saying, working remotely allows you to live wherever you like. Want to get out of the big city and live in a farmhouse on the outskirts of town? You can do that. Do you want to live in the big house by the lake in cottage country? You can do that.

With the power of the internet you can work remotely from anywhere in the world. Want to go on that trip to Italy you’ve always been dreaming of, but could never get the days off from work? Well now you can do without having to worry about days off. Bring your work with you. Work on the plane ride there. Work in the hotel. With the money you’ve saved working remotely you can finally afford this big trip.

Even if say your partner works in the military (and if so thank you for your service) and has to travel around the country as part of their job. Well you can continue your work from wherever you are. You don’t need that added stress of trying to find a new job every time you move and restarting at the bottom of a new company. You can continue your work as you move around.  

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