Most Profitable Supplements

The supplement industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. With the world the way it is right now, people are focusing on their physical and mental health, now more than ever before. People are looking to boost their immune system so they can continue to live a happy and healthy life.

Wanting to be healthy isn’t anything new. Even back in 2019, the Nutrition Business Journal reported that cold, flu and immunity supplement sales reached $3.3 billion. Nobody actively wants to get sick and heading into 2020 they expected an 8.5% growth. In 2020 given everything has happened in the world, cold, flu, and immunity supplements grew nearly 16%, the largest growth in the industry since 1997.

Here are the three biggest factors leading to the increase in supplement sales.

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Screen Time

With businesses shut down, many have been forced to try and entertain themselves at home. For most that means watching TV or going on your phone. There are only so many times you can clean your place before you inevitably turn back to Netflix. You sit down on the couch, watch an episode, and one turns into two and two turns into the whole season. Sitting on the couch that long staring at a screen whether that is a TV or a phone puts a lot of strain on your eyes. People know this and that is a big reason why brain and eye health supplements have spiked. Not only that but sitting on the couch that long is bad for your body. Inflammation in your joints, people aren’t as active as they once were. Inflammation supplements sales have increased as well.


Netflix goes hand and hand with food. Whether you go for the snacks with a big bag of chips, or order takeout from your favorite restaurant, at some point during your binge you’re going to eat food. If that’s not your style, then you’ve certainly spent time in your kitchen making food. Whether its old classics or trying something new, odds are you’ve cooked it. With all this takeout or even trying new recipes, sometimes the food doesn’t always sit in your stomach like it should. People are again trying extra hard to stay healthy, and thus digestive supplements have increased.   

The Two S’s

Finally the biggest reasons people are taking supplements right now are the two S’s: stress and sleep. I am willing to bet at some point in last year you have felt stressed. Stressed about work or lack thereof, stressed about money/finances or lack thereof. Stressed about your kids, your parents, your friends, yourself, your health, the health of others, and on and on. There are plenty of stressors out there, odds are you have felt it at a certain point. Stress has a major impact on sleep, both in terms of duration and quality. Added stress and less sleep can have a severe impact on both your mental and physical well-being.

It’s no surprise given these factors that many are turning to supplements to help them cope. Web searches for “stress supplements” have increased 49% over the last four years.

The problem with these stress supplements is that “the market is filled with strong pharmaceuticals with negative side effects,” and there are many “low quality supplements.” The demand from consumers is there, they need better quality supplements on the market.    

This is why CBD oil is on the rise. CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular supplements on the market. It’s a tremendous stress reliever, it can relieve pain while calming and relaxing you. CBD is not a psychoactive so you won’t get “high” from it. It can help reduce depression and anxiety. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs which can have many harmful side-effects, CBD is natural, and in some situations has shown to be more effective.   

The CBD market is growing exponentially. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, CBD sales are at $618 million and rising. They are expecting year to year growth of 102%. This market is expected to reach $2.8 billion by 2023. That would make it one of the largest and most profitable supplements out there.  

The time to act is right now. Online supplement sales have taken off. Online supplement sales accounted for $5 billion in 2019 and by 2022 that is expected to double to $10 billion. If you’ve lost your job or looking for a way to make more income, or even if you have been on the fence about selling supplements online before, this is your chance. Get in early before this industry really explodes. NutraFunnels can help you get your very own CBD supplement for you to sell online. You won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to be a part of one of the fastest growing and most profitable supplements.