If you are looking to drop ship supplements, these are two most important tools you need to know: Funnel Builder and Affiliate Tracking Software. To have success drop shipping supplements, you need to be aware of these tools, what their features are and how they can help you.

Funnel Builder

The first software tool you need to know is the Funnel Builder. In order to successfully drop ship supplements, you need to have a successful sales funnel. The primary features of the Funnel Builder are as follows.

1) Easy drag and drop landing page builder

The landing page is one of the most important aspects of any sales funnel. This is the first thing your customers will see, and a strong first impression will go a long way to making a sale. If the customer doesn’t like what they see, or something doesn’t work properly, the customer will go somewhere else. Thankfully, the Funnel Builder software takes care of all the nitty gritty so you can be sure your Funnel works. The landing page builder is simply designed with an overview dashboard so you can just drag and drop what you want, no coding skills required.

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2) Build and customizable

Whatever you build can be customizable to how you see fit. You have the full power to change the look and feel. With the easy drag and drop this is simple. We provide you with the tools, and we leave all the creative up to you. You can create multiple different landing pages and see what works best. You don’t need to stick the first thing you come up with.  

3) Can be added to an already existing site

If you already have an existing site, you won’t have to change it or try and recreate it. The Funnel Builder can be added to your site. This will improve the success of what you already have, giving you more sales. You don’t need to worry about trying to transfer customers over or risk losing some of that customer base.   

4) Easy to collect emails

One of the best features of the Funnel Builder is how easy it is to collect customers emails and process payments. Collecting emails is so important when running an online business. This allows you to advertise directly to your customer base. You can upsell and promote new supplements or other products you sell. Most importantly it allows you to contact those who abandoned their cart, giving you an opportunity to make even more sales.

5) Ability to handle all major credit cards and currencies

Finally, and most importantly, the Funnel Builder allows you to be able to accept all major credit cards and currencies. This allows payments to be processed quickly so 1. You can get paid 2. Your suppliers can get paid and 3. The customers receive their bottle of supplements in a timely manner. With accepting all currencies you are not just limited to the United States you can sell all over the globe, giving your business exponential growth potential.   

Affiliate Tracking Software

Once your funnel is built you will need traffic, and affiliate traffic is the most efficient way to generate traffic. So you need affiliate tracking software so you can keep track of your traffic, follow the trends and see what supplements are in demand. The primary features of this software include:

1) Real Time Reporting

Get full reports on all your affiliates in real time. No more waiting, and more getting reports days later. When you need a report on your affiliates no matter what time of day it is available to you. You can receive instant performance analysis from your affiliates. You can find out right away if something is working. If not you will know right away so a change can be made.  

2) Comprehensive Analysis

All that real time reporting is great, but if you don’t know what to do with the information, it might as well be useless. That’s why Affiliate Tracking Software provides comprehensive analysis. It gives you in-depth data of your affiliates, what’s working, what’s not and provides insights and advice on how to proceed. This gives you an unbiased opinion so you can make well informed decisions for your business.

3) Traffic Control

In order for your business to grow and thrive, you need to control the amount of traffic that flows through your funnel. While getting a lot of traffic right away sounds good it can be detrimental to your business if your funnel can’t handle/process that many orders and if you are unable to fulfill those orders. By being able to control the traffic you can ensure you get the traffic that you need without being overwhelmed.

4) Referral rate types

When dealing with different affiliates they are going to bring different things to the table to drive traffic for your business. You shouldn’t have to be stuck paying the same rate for every affiliate. The referral rate gives you options. Do you want to charge a flat rate, a percentage rate based on referrals or a per-product basis. You can decide what rate you want to charge for what affiliate.

5) Easy Affiliate Management

With affiliate traffic software you can easily manage all your affiliates. You can see who the top earning affiliates are, view reports, edit accounts etc.This helps you maximize the performance of your affiliates and as we said in the first feature this can all be done in real time. You can have a dashboard set up for your affiliates. This allows them to track their performance, view their earnings, and retrieve the referral URL. This helps you manage all those affiliates without having to hire another person or putting more work on your plate.